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Handmade from woven cotton denim with a touch of Lycra, in indigo and fully lined in a polyester print. This unusual denim fabric from Japan has been 'scrunched' as in tie-dye, and then sandblasted lightly, creating a myriad of 'sunbursts' over the surface. The feel of the outer fabric is medium soft with nice body, while the lining is silky smooth. This 'kimono' fashioned coat has located, slightly below a tuck at the waist area in the front, a line of hollow silver animal beads handing from short leashes of black matte seed beads, that provide a faint 'jingle' with movement. The lining is full, and the sleeves can be rolled up to expose the beautiful print (see close- up) in a mostly celadon color, from the USA. The size is 'one size fits most.' $1,000
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