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Shown here is close-up of the neckline on Sarah of a handmade loose rayon jacket/topper where a large scarf also acts as the collar that can be draped with the garment in a variety of ways. The body and ends of the collar/scarf are 'patch-worked' together patterns from a semi-loose woven rayon that is silky to the touch and printed in Asian 'ikat' themed patterns along with 'seed-like' dotted printed rayon panels as well in tones of tan and brown, to dark brown. (A similar piece is also available with solid 'shaded dying' brown rayon panels in the body areas.) The jacket/topper has a 'hankie-hemline' - pointed at the sides with openings at the side seams to the hip area and a straight hem across the front and back at just below the knee. A very flattering piece to any figure. Fabrics from Japan and USA. $450
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