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Fashioned by hand from black rayon knit, this dress features two
different colored, each in a different length, drapes flowing from the shoulder seams. The cut is a modified three quarter length sleeved batwing silhouette and is a joy to wear. The drapes are sewn in from shoulder to shoulder, shown here with the shorter drape of ochre color in front, while the longer drape of olive is flowing dramatically down the back. The drapes are of a lighter weight rayon knit fabric, edged in black rolled hems to dramatically compliment the dresses body. Fits from small to large sizes. Fabrics from USA.

(The drapes can be arranged to be both in front, back, or one to each side as shown, in any desired configuration. This is an especially good choice for someone challenged with breast cancer issues as the drapes are very versatile and the fabric is soft. This design has been used by clients of the Wellness Center.)
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