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RUTA ZINC HANDMADE creates "one-of-a-kind" clothing, performs custom sewing, design and consultation in addition to providing personal alterations. RUTA ZINC HANDMADE works with individuals, groups and companies.

In addition, RUTA ZINC HANDMADE teaches sewing and professional practices in all aspects of the visual, design and performing arts. Initial consultations are available free of charge.

RUTA ZINC HANDMADE maintains a studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico Please call to schedule an appointment.

RUTA ZINC HANDMADE also provides services across the United States and internationally by the clients' selection of technologies to maintain a working relationship where the desired results are achieved.

RUTA ZINC HANDMADE can be reached by phone at 505-231-5445 and 505-474-6257 in addition to email at The mailing and shipping address for RUTA ZINC HANDMADE is 110 Sierra Azul, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87507-0188.